Impress visiting VIPs or delight delegates with one of our corporate buffets. Skyline Catering provide a sumptuous collection of tasty treats that are also jam packed with choice.

We have gathered a selection of corporate buffet choices on this page to give you an idea of the kind of dishes on offer. To discuss your menu needs with our catering managers, contact us and ask about our corporate event catering.

Example Buffet 1


Assorted sandwiches on white and brown bread
Pork pie
Scotch egg
Vegetable samosa or vegetable satay

£5.25 per head


Assorted sandwiches on white and brown bread
Pork pie
Sausage rolls
Vegetable samosa
Assorted cakes

£5.50 per head


Assorted sandwiches on white and brown bread
Assorted petit pains
Pork pie
Sausage rolls
Spicy chicken goujons
Vegetable samosa
Vegetable spring roll
Slices of quiche
Salad bowl
Gateaux, cheese cake or cream cake or pieces of fruit

£6.75 per head


Assorted sandwiches on white and brown bread
Assorted Mediterranean rolls with various fillings
Assorted wraps
Slices of quiche
Chicago canapes served hot from silver chaffing dishes
Spicy chicken goujons
Chicken skewers
Vegetable samosa
Vegetable spring rolls
Cheese board with assorted crackers
Nachos with sweet chilli dip
Savoury rice
Garden salad
Cheese cake & gateux

£12.50 per head

Prices include plates, napkins and cutlery

Example 2: Breakfast Buffets


Served from silver chafing dishes
Prices include plates and cutlery


Bacon and pork sausage baps
Large Danish pastries
Selection of sauces

£ 4.20 per head


Warm croissants with ham and cheese
Warm croissants with cheese and onion
Warm croissants with jam and butter

£ 4.20 per head


Freshly baked crusty rolls with butter
Cheese board
Assorted continental meats
Large Danish pastries
Fresh fruit salad

£ 5.75 per head


Served by our staff via a carvery-style service to your clients
2 x best back bacon
2 x traditional pork sausage
1 x fresh tomato
Organic mushrooms
Baked beans
Scrambled egg
Slice of black pudding
Tea, coffee and jugs of orange and apple juice

£ 15.50 per head


Please find another example of the wide variety of foods that are available with our corporate packages below. In this one, the items are broken down into a larger list for more flexibility.

Set Menu


Platter of Sandwiches (White & Brown)
Packet of Crisps
Bottle of Juice
£4.00 per head


Platter of Bloomer Bread Sandwiches (White & Granary)
Packet of Crisps
Bottle of Juice
£4.20 per head


Crusty Baguettes
Packet of Crisps
Bottle of Pop
£4.30 per head

Pick and Mix Menu 1 - Sandwiches, Wraps & Petit Pains 

- Section 1 -
White & Brown sandwiches with a choice of fillings below:
Mature Cheese
Mixed Cheese
Tuna Mayo Crunch
Egg Mayo
Wiltshire Ham
Roast Turkey
Corn Beef
Roast Beef

Wraps with a choice of fillings below:

BBQ Chicken
Piri Piri Chicken
Chicken Mayo
Mixed Cheese
Tuna Crunch
Egg Mayo

Petit Pains with a choice of fillings below:

Grated Cheese
Egg Mayo
Brie & Grape
Wiltshire Ham
Tuna Crunch
- Section 2 -
Vegetable Samosas
Vegetable Satays
Vegetable Spring Rolls
Slice of Quiche
Onion Bhajis
Mini Bite-Sized Potato Skins (Cold)
Cheese Lattice
Southern Chicken Goujons
Pork Pies
Sausage Rolls
Chicken Satays
Duck Spring Rolls
Scotch Eggs
BBQ Chicken Wings
Mixed Petit Crolines
- Section 3 -
Garden Salad
Nachos & Salsa
Savoury Rice
Cous Cous
- Section 4 -
Assorted Packet Cakes
Assorted Doughnuts / Muffins
Pieces of Fruit
Assorted Cake Platter including Cream
Options & Prices
2 from Section 1 2 from Section 1
4 from Section 2 5 from Section 2
2 from Section 3 3 from Section 3
1 from Section 4 1 from Section 4
£6.00 per Head £6.50 per Head

Extra items from sections £0.50 per head

Disposable Plates Included

China Plates add £0.10 per Head

Pick and Mix Menu 2 - Deluxe Variety

- Section 1 -
Country Basket Filled Rolls
Petit Pains
Seeded Rolls
Poppy Seed Bagels
Bloomer Bread Sandwiches (White & Granary)
- Section 2 (Cold) -
Smoked Salmon Canapes
Marinated Prawn Skewes
Duck Gyoza and Sweet Cherry Sauce
Mixed Petit Crolines
Luxury Mini Quiches
Thai Pastry Spoons with Prawn Cashew Nut Filling
Smoked Salmon and King Prawn Platter
- Section 3 (Hot) -
Mini Crab Cakes
Southern Fried Chicken Goujons
Breaded Scampi
Cod Goujons
Thai Rainbow Shumai Selection
Mexican Bean Bites
Bite-Size Jacket Skins
Char Grilled Sweet Chicken Yakutori
Chicken Satays
Minted Lamb Kofte
Jerk Chicken Rolls
Selection of Thai Dim Sum
- Section 4 -
Tomato & Basil Salad
Tomato & Mozzarella Salad
Greek Salad
Tomato & Herb Pasta
Savoury Rice Veg / Meat
Rocket Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes & Peppers
Garden Salad
Nachos and Salsa
- Section 5 -

Strawberry & Cream Scone Canapés
French Chocolate Petit Four Canapés
Luxury Chocolate Cake Canapé Selection
Mini Cupcake Canapé Selection
Traditional Sweet Platter Canapés
Slice of Deluxe Lemon Cheesecake
Slice of Deluxe Gateaux
Slice of Strawberry Vanilla Torte
Slice of Baileys Irish Torte
Options & Prices
2 from Section 1 2 from Section 1
3 from Section 2 4 from Section 2
6 from Section 3 8 from Section 3
4 from Section 4 5 from Section 4
2 Canapés or 1 Slice from Section 5 2 Canapés or 1 Slice from Section 5  
Fruit Platter Fruit Platter  
Cheeseboard Cheeseboard  
£9.00 per Head £10.00 per Head  

Pick and Mix Menu 3 - Jacket Potatoes

Jacket Potatoes with Butter with a choice of:
Tuna Mayo

Mature Grated Cheese


Baked Beans

Chilli Con Carne (extra 15p per head)

Chicken Curry (extra 15p per head)

Bacon Pieces

Served with Garden Salad & Crockery

1 Cold Filling - £2.70

1 Cold & 1 Hot Filling - £3.20

Extra Fillings - £0.50 each

Pick and Mix Menu 4 - Pizzas

French Bread Pizza Slices with a choice of:
Cheese & Onion

Cheese & Peppers

Cheese & Tomato


Garlic Bread

Garden Salad

Pieces of Fruit or Doughnuts & Muffins

£5.00 per head

Pick and Mix Menu 5 - Hot Meals

Available for 10 or more people only
- Section 1 -
Choice of 2 from below:
Vegetable Lasagne
Beef Lasagne
Chilli Con Carne
Chicken Curry
Section 2 -
Choice of 2 from below:
Garlic & Coriander Naan Bread
Garlic Bread
Cheesy Garlic Bread
Crusty French Stick
- Section 3 - 
Choice of 2 from below:
Mexican Savoury Rice
Vegetable Savoury Rice
Potato Wedges
Jacket Skins with Cheese
- Section 4 -
Choice of 2 from below:
Garden Salad
Rocket Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes & Peppers
Roasted Vegetables
- Section 5 -
Slices of Deluxe Cheesecake
Slices of Deluxe Gateau
Fruit Platter
Selection of Cream Cakes
Individual Double Chocolate Tartlet
£9.00 per head

Section 1 extras - 75p per head

Section 2, 3 & 4 extras - 50p per head

Substitute Cheeseboard for Section 5 - 25p per head

Cheeseboard & Section 5 together - £1.20 per head


Pieces of Fruit £0.40 extra per head
Packet Cakes £0.75 extra per head
Cream Cakes £1.00 extra per head
Bottled Juices:
Orange & Carrot
Blood Orange
£1.25 each
Volvic Water (Small) £0.70 each
Cans of Pop £0.70 each
Volvic Water (Large) £1.10 each
Carton of Orange Juice £1.65 each
Carton of Apple Juice £1.65 each
Glass Bottle of Fizzy or Still Water £1.20 each

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